Monday, September 26, 2011


We attending the home opener for the EOU Football team over the weekend. What a great time!  If you haven't been to an EOU football game for a while, I suggest you put it on the calendar for this fall. The game was exciting, the stands were full and the EOU Athletic Dept has done an outstanding job in presenting opportunities to have fun.  The tailgate area will prove to be a winner. Music,  awesome sponsors and tons of fans were all there. If you want to join in the fun, call the EOU Athletic Dept to reserve a spot.  There are big screen TVs at the concession areas so you don't miss a thing while you wait for your hot dogs, a vendor for EOU gear, outstanding areas for Boosters and, in general, an amazing way to spend a fall afternoon!!  This is NOT the Mountie games of old.  Show up, root the Mounties on and take in a wonderfully presented event next Saturday........  You won't be sorry!!!!  

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